The #1 Virtual Sales Platform for Insurance Agents.

The top platform built to manage lead generation, follow up, two-way texting, pipeline, scheduling, conversion and so much more.

Why Tele-CRM is the most powerful platform in existence to manage your ENTIRE lead conversion process all under one roof...

One of the biggest problems we see insurance agents face is not a lack of leads...but a lack of conversion from leads to ACTUAL sales.

Insurance Agents are making a major investment in Lead Generation - Facebook Leads, Instant Internet Leads, Direct Mail Leads, Telemarketing Leads and everything in between. We are seeing these leads and the investment associated with them go down the tubes. In many cases 80% of these leads wind up unconverted .

"We know that these leads are interested prospects that need insurance immediately, but for what ever reason they did not book...UNTIL NOW!"

So What Can We Do For You?

Customer and Lead Management

Easy & Powerful Software to Keep Your Clients on the Books.

Improve your virtual sales business using our All-in One platform for lead nurturing, client retention & referrals. Automatically send messages and voicemail drops to improve client stickiness with the click of a button from one easy-to-use dashboard!

Convert Leads From A Variety of Sources

Get every email marketing insight you need in one place

Constant communication with customers is imperative and often overlooked by many companies. Reach out to them wherever they may be on the social media sphere or in their inboxes for a more personal touch.

Track calls and leads in real time

Improve your lead generation with call tracking

Gone are the days of not knowing how your marketing dollars are performing with our amazing new tool!

We’ve got all-new features in store for you. Gone are the days where marketers have to wait months before finding out if their campaign is successful or not, worrying about whether they should invest more money into it.

Keep detailed records of every client

Keep detailed records of every client you meet

Our CRM makes it easy to keep accurate records of your customers and access them quickly, so you can end up with a list of happy repeat clients.


The automated text messages are perfect because they keep in touch with customers without having the hassle of calling or leaving a message!

Power Dialer

Easy-to-Use power dialer allows for maximum effectiveness when dialing leads.


Replace Calendly or any other online calendar software with our integrated calendar. Integrates with your google calendar to ensure you never miss an appointment!

Call Recording

Automatic call tracking & recording for quality assurance and loss prevention

Centralized Communication

Easily integrate Email, Text, Webchat, Phone calls, GMB & FB Messenger

Lead Generation

Quickly launch landing pages and funnels to capture more leads

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