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Are You Ready To Level Up

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ARE YOU READY to convert

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Tele-CRM was built just for that. To help YOU, as an agent, to convert more of your leads into sales. Tele-CRM is your automated sales companion that texts, emails, leaves voicemails to your leads for you. This allows you to do more of what makes you money, close more deals virtually.

We are dedicated to making life easier as an insurance agent. Here at Tele-CRM, we have all been life insurance agents before and know firsthand what it's like to make dials in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends... We know what its like to drive all over town to meet with clients... or even get no-showed. But.... we also know how rewarding this career is and the amount of income you can make!

That's why we built this system. It's a system built by agents for agents. We have interviewed some of the top agents at Family First Life and modeled the best of each of these agencies and built it into Tele-CRM.

On top of that, we will continue to interview agents and agencies having success and make any upgrades necessary available to all our valued customers.

In the United States there are...

104,985 employed life insurance agents.

The top 10% of the highest paid earn...

$124,000 or more.

According to Indeed, the average salary of a Family First Life Agent is $111,920.

  • Family First Life has the system and process to create ABOVE AVERAGE results
  • Tele-CRM takes that system and process and automates what can be automated
  • What does this do? Creates a combination that sets you up for success!


  • Generate Your Own Leads With Our 7 Day Leads Training Program
  • Call Leads With Our Built in POWER DIALER
  • Book More Appointments with Our Built in Calendar
  • Send/Receive Text Messages And Email
  • Receive Calls with a Dedicated Inbound Phone Number
  • 3-Way Calling To Connect With Carriers for Voice Signatures
  • And... Much... Much... More!

Top 5 Tele-Crm benefits

Tele-CRM is a Fully Featured CRM that will help propel you to the TOP of your game. More tools used correctly will earn you that promotion!


With the integrated power dialer each time a lead is generated or uploaded into our system, they are added to our priority power dialer system.

Your newest leads will be loaded into the New Lead dialer. After a set period of time, or if they've been called 3 times, lead will automatically be moved into the Priority 2 dialer, and so on. We've built these automations and workflows by interviewing the top Family First Life tele-sales agents to ensure you have success..

Booking Calendar -

The built in calendar is your hub for scheduling meetings professionally and efficiently, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth emails so you can get back to work.

The calendar integrates with both Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar (useful if you're an Integrity Partner and using the Integrity system).

BUT, if you don't use Google or Outlook, you can use the booking calendar as a standalone booking management system.

Text Messaging & Email -

Communicate with you leads, prospects, and customers right inside Tele-CRM! In other software, you may be able to automate appointment reminders or outbound texts and emails... however, in Tele-CRM, you can do both outbound and INBOUND text and email.

Keep all your communication with the client in one easy to use feed within Tele-CRM so you can stay on top of you leads, prospects, and clients.

Inbound/Outbound Calling + 3-Way Calling + Call Recording

Not only can you make outbound and receive inbound calls with Tele-CRM, you can do 3-Way calling which allows you to connect your client to the insurance carrier for voice signature.

On top of all that, all calls can be recorded. This allows you to review previous calls made to see what a client may have said, or to review what you did right/wrong on a previous call. Or, send your calls to your upline for review and coaching!

Pre-Built Automations -

We've worked with the top FFL agents that have had success with tele-sales and have built in those automqtion.

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Founder, CEO

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  • Forbes 40 Under 40 in Business & Marketing, 2018
  • Sold a company I ran for 7 years for $1.5b, 2018
  • Launched The Rocket Accelerator, 2017
  • Joined Russell Brunson's Inner Circle, 2017
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This is your defining moment.

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